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Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual ecology is a practical philosophy. When we take better care of Mother Earth through the use of organic and sustainable farming practices, she responds very enthusiastically! Crops are abundant and free of pesticides and poisons. Organically grown produce ensures that we not only have delicious and nutritious food, but that we avoid the medical issues and diseases that have been attributed to genetically modified and artificially processed foods. Healthier means happier!

Begin Within

“Begin Within” is a slogan that reflects that philosophy. Real change begins with a desire to change, which results in the thoughts, feelings, and actions which produce change. Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. That we can change it is an empowered choice we are all free to make. The more we take personal responsibility for our own behavior and choices, the faster we can make a meaningful and lasting difference in our eco-system. As Mahatma Gandhi has famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

About Our Products

SPIRIT OF THE ENVIRONMENT’S unique line of t-shirts and garments reflect our philosophy of spiritual ecology in a fun way. We employ best practices in our sourcing and printing of all of our designs and garments. Our pigment dyed tie-dies utilize non-toxic dyes and are manufactured with you and your family’s safety in mind. We only employ non-toxic silk screening for all of our logos so that they will not only remain bright and durable, but are also guaranteed not to flake off or fade in the wash. Ask about our special line of garments made from organically grown cotton and other sustainably harvested materials such as bamboo and hemp fiber!


Our Communities

We currently fund three ecologically sustainable, spiritually based communities. Audarya, in the redwood forested hills of Mendocino County, California, Saragrahi, in the hill country outside Lake Lure, North Carolina, and Madhuvan, a 150 acre mountain retreat in the Guanacaste jungle region of Costa Rica. All of these locations are dedicated bhakti-yoga retreats incorporating sustainable organic farms and gardens, and cruelty free micro-dairies.

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Audarya is a Sanskrit word that means spiritual generosity. When one comes to the understanding that all life is of the same origin, and that origin is providing every possible necessity for our existence, then there need not be fear of any lack. When we come to the platform of that knowingness – that we are complete in our very selves, and are also completely taken care of by the Divine, then we can in turn share that unlimited bounty with all we encounter. In general society is embroiled in a mad struggle to acquire “things” in order to bolster our sense of self, yet these things simply distract us from our real purpose, and ultimately detract from our quality of life.


Our real needs are few and basic: food, water, shelter, good health, love, connection. Everything else is a want. There is an old expression – “I make myself rich, by making my wants few.” The more I “want” something, the more I reinforce the belief that I am somehow incomplete or “not enough” without it. This is one of the bases for unhappiness. The advertising media are expert at cultivating this kind of unhappiness in the hearts of those who they gleefully refer to as “consumers.” Buy their “things” and you will be happy! Actually, the opposite is true. Even if we acquire the thing we have been wanting, when we get it we also acquire the anxiety of losing it, maintaining it, insuring it, etc. On top of that, no matter what it is – it’s temporary! Someday it will break, wear out, or be lost. This is the nature of all material things. Spirit however, is eternal. This is the stuff of which we, and all life, are made. When we focus on enriching ourselves spiritually, we cultivate a conscious connection with all living things, and lasting happiness can be ours.


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